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$10,697 of $35,000 raised


Stay tuned for the second round of the fundraiser…



Thanks to all your donations, for the first round of this fundraiser, AYF Canada will be donating 10,697$ US to the Heratsi Rehabilitation Center in Yerevan.



About the Rehabilitation Center

They protected our lands with their lives, it is our duty to make sure our wounded heroes are cared for.

Haykuhi Minasyan and a team of volunteer builders and doctors have come together and need our help to get funds and supplies for a new rehabilitation center that is being built for our wounded soldiers.

Some soldiers have no means of getting treatment or have no way to get to a care center and thus have lied in bed or have stayed in wheelchairs for months or years.

“Աջակցություն Վիրավոր Զինվորներին”(Wounded Heroes) is a non-governmental organization who’s mission is to help get wounded soldiers the care and support they need. They have built a rehabilitation center in one of the wings of Yerevan’s Heratsi Medical Complex. The wing needed to be completely renovated so that it could have patient rooms and different spaces available for different therapies. Patient beds, wheelchairs, medical equipment, everything required for patient care had to be purchased. Doctors have volunteered their time to work with the wounded soldiers but there’s still a lot of work to be done before the center is completely ready.

The center officially opened at the end of January but there is still one floor to be built.

They have been getting donations but it is not enough to cover all costs.

WE NEED ALL YOUR HELP to spread the word about this project.

In a world where we have more than what we need, let’s get together and give back to our soldiers who have sacrificed so much… you can do so by donating to this project.

Your donation will help ensure a better future for wounded soldiers in Armenia and Artsakh…

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